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Beloved woman of God, Laura J. Snow-Pierson
Sunrise April 24, 1928 - Sunset June 8, 2012

She was my mother's brother but she could have easily been my mother's closest sister. I called her Aunt Laura and many times, Momma Laura, the name given her by her first grandson.

She could have spanked my bottom as many times as mother and daddy did but she chose not to. She disciplined me in other ways with a voice so soft and a tone so sweet, she'd say, "Avis you know aunt Laura wants you to be a good girl. God is good and He made us good, too." Yes, she was a God-fearing woman!

I don't grieve so hard because of that. I grieve more for her children and grandchildren, for other family members, friends and loved ones. She lived a long life and reached 84 on April 24th.

I know she is somewhere around God's throne and given the option to stay or leave, she chose to leave us.

Placed in hospice less than a week ago, she is no longer frail, incapable of taking care of herself or unable to recognize anyone.

She is somewhere around God's throne. She's with her parents and the baby daughter she lost at age 23. She's with mother and daddy again. She's another soul who definitely knows, "to live is Christ and to die is gain."

She was like a mother to me, all my life and after losing my own at age 23, she was always there for me and my siblings. We'd pray together and fellowship over the phone. On visits, we'd always have prayer, which turned into "having church."

We love you, momma Laura and thank you for the life you lived which was another positive example for me and many others.

(From a Facebook post written 6/10/12.)
Date of Posting: 09 May 2015
Posted By: Avis Ward
In Loving Memory of Laura Snow-Pierson

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