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Love God

Thou shall have no other God before, El Elyon, God most high. Serve him with all of your heart.


If you declare with your heart, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

Love Self

When we love God, we learn how to love ourselves. We are then able to love others.

Love Others

Love others as much as you love yourself. Giving unconditional love to everyone includes forgiving them.

What is Write Away?

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WriteAway is a Stroke of Therapy providing healing through written expressions. It allows you to harness the mental, creative, and emotional benefits of regular writing. Writing creates a mind-body-spirit connection. We consistently block our creative selves by not releasing our anger, our worries, our criticisms, etc. Things that block our creative juices flowing to the surface need an outlet. Writing can be a used as a venting tool to rid yourself of negative thinking. The expressions can remain private or they can be discussed in a group or with me, a Spiritual Life Coach. I am not a licensed therapist of any kind. Your writing will be therapeutical. 

What do clients do?

It is not easy for everyone to openly discuss certain things with others, no matter who the other person is. In whatever setting you choose to write, you are guided through a series of lessons to write through your journey to total healing. You may think of it as Coaching in its written form instead of verbalization. Of course, verbalization can be used. Poets have encapsulated great pain and pleasure as well as awe and awefulness in sparse beautifully crafted words. This is much more than simply trying to write pretty sentences. It is about singling out experiences, events and people that contributed to one’s life.

This is Journaling, then?

It is like journaling except you have a Spiritual Life Coach guiding you from where you are to where you want to be, emotionally and in other ways you decide to receive my help.

Who would benefit?Just Begin WriteAway

Anyone trying to:

  • be positioned where they want to be in life,
  • move beyond a plateau or
  • get out of the pits

would benefit from WriteAway.

What do clients write about?

One client (a friend), has written about a very traumatic experience. THIS IS AN EXCEPTION because she is a friend. Her writings are now a published book and have been shared ONLY with her husband, children and other family members. Writing can be redemptive.

Another client chose to write about having an abortion in her teens and never being able to forgive herself and receive love and forgiveness from others. She is now free and recently married the baby's father.

A bachelor wrote about loneliness and we are formatting a book of poetry he may release. (Fingers-crossed as it's breathtakingly beautiful - to me.)

You may wish to write:

  • poetry or about food, travel, random thoughts,
  • chronicle an experience that was painful or traumatic,
  • chart your course in life etc.

about whatever is 'recommended' to help you be the real you and in love with you! We will figure it out together and you make the decision and you will WriteAway!

Schedule a Mind Expansion Session before we begin. Click "Free Mind Expansion Session" to get started. Schedule it now!

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