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Help Before and After Troubles Come

Whether we are Christians or atheists, there is something that we are not immune to or exempt from - that is troubles. Call them problems, challenges, situations, or what have you, everyone of us experiences difficult times.

This 'love note' is being written to everyone but especially to the newly converted Christian. This means, you have recently accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. You are saved.

This 'love note' is being written especially to those of you who are learning about this Messiah, Savior and being saved. Our God has no respecter of persons. You may be an atheist going through something so horrific until "God help me!" rushed through your lips. It came from your heart because He blew the breath of life in you. God is inside you! You have involuntarily acknowledged it by calling out to Him. And He will help you!

There are some Bible verses everyone should and must know. They are the Ten Commandments, Lord's Prayer and Psalm 23. We must commit them to memory. Then we must meditate on them, commmitting them to our heart to avoid trouble; or in the time of trouble, we are blanketed in His word for comfort, help, peace and faith.

The Ten Commandments will help you to be an upstanding citizen. Integrity counts. Morals matter. Integrity and morality alone will not get you into heaven but they are not separate from receiving Christ and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will cause you to live a life of integrity. Your morals are shaped by His divinity and not your own humanity.

The Lord's Prayer can be prayed anytime, as it teaches us how to pray. Prayer is simply a talk with God. There have been times in my life when all I could utter was the Lord's Prayer.

The 23rd Psalm has been a prayer, song, praise and encouragement to me for as long as I can recall knowing it. It begins by telling us when we make the Lord our Shepherd, there is no lack, nothing missing, nothing broken, or want in our lives. If you see lack, brokenness, want, and something missing, then we must seek Him to discover where we are falling short. The failure is not in God.

Perhaps a renewal of our minds or a transformation is necessary because our perspective is askew. He promises to meet our needs sufficient for each day. (Give us this day our daily bread...)

In this Psalm, we are assured of protection from our enemies. Goodness and mercy are with us all the days of our lives when we dwell in the house of the Most High God.

I'm not necessarily an advocate of memorizing anything when after getting it, it is not applied. What good is having a car if you do not drive it but sit and gaze at it? To get the benefits it offers, you or someone you trust, must drive it, taking you to your destination. Likewise, you must meditate on His word so it can take root in your heart and grow. It grows when we share it, apply it and make it first choice for daily living.

Knowing these three bible highlights is imperative if you desire to have help in times of trouble. Our Lord and Savior accepted trouble for our benefit. Because of His troubles, we can have peace in the midst of our troubles. These references are a beginning for some of you. Continue with other verses so you can receive power and become empowered. If you need a Word from God,we are available to send scriptures to you. Just contact me and with God guiding our way, we'll send His word.

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