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One Minute Messages

One-minute messages to encourage, empower, edify and uplift! One word from the LORD will raise expectations, increase your faith. Release God to work outside your preconceived expectations. Take your limitations off him using his word which is limitless!

Have you ever considered how arrogant, egotistical, self-righteous, high-minded and idiotic Satan was to side against God in favor of Job? God explained the character of Job to Satan and in essence said to him, no matter what you do to him Satan, Job will not sin against me. God, who is omniscient knew Job would not "curse God and die" as his wife advised. You know the story! The Accuser of the Brethren thinks himself more powerful than the omnipotent God, Creator of the universe to this very day. We must be ever careful to remember we cannot alter the disposal of Providence! Without God we are powerless! God won/wins! He has a perfect record!

God changes not. He is the same God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Nothing about Him has changed nor ever will it! We, on the other hand, should be evolving, spinning on the axis of God's word as the earth spins on its axis. When we faithfully seek the face of God, we go from glory to glory! Our faith increases and His spirit within us is able to see more and more of Him. We see more truth so that our worship is authentic and draws us nearer to our Father. We are always in the process of becoming — becoming more like the image of our Creator. Praise Jesus! Oh but one day, we shall be changed once and forever be the same! Until that day, seek the Kingdom of God inside of you and your living as a Christ-follower will be pleasing to God.

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