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One Minute Messages

One-minute messages to encourage, empower, edify and uplift! One word from the LORD will raise expectations, increase your faith. Release God to work outside your preconceived expectations. Take your limitations off him using his word which is limitless!

Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth (Colossians 3:2). One
of my favorite verses in the Holy Bible but who, like me, can raise their hand and say, they trespass on this one and are a work in progress? In social networking, you are inundated with "posters" giving 'advice' channeling your mind to the negative — on things below and not in heavenly places, on things above. You are being presented with a plethora of "worldly" ideas and ideals and worse, the "sain
ts of God" flock to it. Then we question God, 'O God, why me? When will I get my breakthrough? I'm trying to do your will and LORD I need you right now!" Man should live by every word coming from the mouth of God (on things above) not the rubbish you find in the world.

Joy is divine! It is a Fruit of the Spirit. Joy comes from God. Happiness is man-made. We can create happiness in our own lives. We can choose happy thoughts and be happy. A combination of joy and happiness is the ultimate! This is what the Christian should experience in daily living.

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