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One Minute Messages

One-minute messages to encourage, empower, edify and uplift! One word from the LORD will raise expectations, increase your faith. Release God to work outside your preconceived expectations. Take your limitations off him using his word which is limitless!

What was Apostle Paul saying to the church at Corinth in 1 Corinthians 13:7a when he began that verse with "Love bears all things...?"

"Bears all things," means that love never stops caring and never stops offering a place of forgiveness. How demanding love is, we might think. But how sacrificial and generous love is, too! Love requires there to be a B.C. (before Christ) and A.D. (after death) to self. You are familiar with God's greatest commandments. They are rooted and grounded in our love for Him and love for each other.

If we are to hate the sin but not the sinner, we must be able to separate what someone says apart from who they are. As a man thinketh in his heart so is he (Proverbs 23:7). If his thinking is "faulty" he is still to be loved apart from how he thinks. When there is disagreement with a statement, it is not finding fault with the person who made the statement but with the statement itself. More compassion should be extended instead of annoyance. We are 'unequally yoked' in thinking (if you will) but we are not to crucify each other because of it. We as Christians should not take disagreement personally. There can be disagreement which does not change the relationship someone has with God.

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